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Do You Know the True Severity of hunching Over Devices...

In this era of mobile devices the sight of those hunched over their screens has become all too familiar.

The true gravity of this issue goes beyond mere slumping — poor posture leads to long lasting, irreversible and detrimental effects in the years to come.

hunching position
Physical Issues
  • Neck strain, stiffness, and difficulty turning
  • Breathing complications
  • Muscular weakness
  • Poor circulation and digestion
Neurological Problems
  • Compromised brain development
  • Nerve compression and damage
  • Spinal degeneration and misalignment
Behavioral & Functional Effects
  • Persistent fatigue and sleep disturbance
  • Heightened emotions and stress levels
  • Worsened ability to focus and remain on task

We Are Tackling a Global Issue

The detrimental effects of compromised posture have become a pressing global health concern, impacting everyone from adults to children. Worldwide academic studies continue to show that excessive screen time leads to worsening posture, leading to a wide range of significant physical, neurological, behavioral, and functional health problems. This pervasive issue demands urgent attention and proactive measures to mitigate its consequences and foster improved postural health on a global scale.


The Problem in Numbers

Driven by widespread overuse of handheld technology, harmful and dangerous physical conditions are affecting the majority of society on a daily basis:

Smartphone users continuously flex their necks
2 hrs
Daily use of handheld mobile devices by children (8 - 12 years old)
4 bn
People own mobile phones worldwide
4 in 5
Children own at least one screen-based device.

The Solution for the New Era

Positure’s science-based gaming platform assists with compromised posture with precision and efficacy, restoring and optimizing alignment for enhanced well-being.

Our University studies scientifically demonstrate significant improvement in the posture of users
Gamified Interactive Solution
Replace archaic, pre-loaded mobile games with positive, entertaining, and
purposeful games
Accessible to All
Improve the posture, mental health, and well-being of children, parents, neurodiverse, and
aging populations
Re-tasking Technology
Utilize existing technology platforms and integrate our games for healthier
screen time
Daily Use
As little as 10 minutes per day can help optimize screen time posture, ​leading to better posture behaviors


Built for fun and crafted with science, check out Positure’s catalogue of excitingly innovative apps, games, and hardware, now available for purchase and download.

Positure Apps

Developed using leading neurological scientific principles, our innovative games combine thrilling gameplay with therapeutic benefits. With Positure working with Monkeystack to propel game development, 10 exciting new games are coming to our gaming platform soon! Download and play our 2 flagships games:

  • Discovery Island
  • Explore Shapes

Positure Grip

Unlock the full experience of Positure’s games with the Grip, an essential accessory that fits your existing devices and enhances gameplay. Crafted from medical-grade silicone and designed to encourage healthier posture, the Grip’s ergonomic form is a must-have for healthier screen time.

  • An ergonomic and comfortable hold
  • Delivers healthier screentime solutions
  • Encourages improving positive posture habits
Try Our Exciting Gaming Tech: Download Here

Positure is a revolutionary platform that elevates mobile gaming to a health-focused experience. Our science-based solution delivers healthier and more fulfilling screen time while enhancing posture and contributing to your mental and physical wellness. Try our games today!

Elevating Postural Wellness.
Empowering Wellbeing.

As screen time becomes a permanent addition in our lives, adapting our approach to prioritise postural wellness is essential. For more information on maintaining your wellbeing in the digital era, subscribe to our newsletter below.