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The Way We Play

Read more about our comprehensive feasibility analysis conducted by Flinders University, Digital Health Research Centre, clinically establishing the impact of the Positure platform on children.

The Methodology

Flinder’s University examined the postures of 62 individuals, recording their conditions before and after playing Positure’s games. The comprehensive process involved:

Observing a cross-sectional study of 62 children aged 4 to 18 years old playing Positure Games.
Examining children playing both a traditional iPad game versus Discovery Island for 5 minutes each.
Fitting subjects with pulse oximeters and neck measurement devices while they played games to ensure unbiased data capture.

The Results Are In
"Remarkable" Statistical Results

The study found that even brief exposure to Positure Discovery Island resulted in significant improvements to acute physiological measurements. These findings have undergone thorough review, documented in reputable, peer-reviewed journals.

Participants with a straighter neck angle during play
Average improvement in posture
7.8 BPM
Average reduction
in heart rate

“Discovery Island encouraged a sustained, upright posture with significant vertical stability.”

Handset Development

Our Rigorous Handset Development Process

Positure’s design brief outlining the detrimental postural, behavioural and emotional effects attributed to conventional holding of handheld devices inspired ARID to collaborate in solving this growing global problem.

Measuring of Wood Model

First step in the design and development process was creating an ergonomically rigorous analogue of the proposed grip.

3D Prototyping

Extensive configuration testing across broad demographics provided reliable ergonomic data to produce fully detailed 3D digital models necessary for prototyping, tooling and moulding. Here is a finished 3D model being examined and reviewed in preparation for the meticulous processes ahead.

Silicone Moulding

To ensure best dependable feedback and results, extended field trials were conducted over several months at SA’s Marine Discovery Centre. These prototypes replicated the mechanical properties, feel, colour and finish of the final handsets.

VMM Dimensional Testing

Successful field trials confirming ergonomic design were followed by silicone moulding and extensive temperature (-14°C to 80°C), toxicity and cleaning analyses – which exceeded expectations.

Final Product Delivery

The team from ARID Industrial Design Development and Manufacturing is very proud and pleased to contribute our turn-key design to delivery service and the ongoing success of Positure.
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Positure is a revolutionary platform that elevates mobile gaming to a health-focused experience. Our science-based solution delivers healthier and more fulfilling screen time while enhancing posture and contributing to your mental and physical wellness. Try our games today!